Monday, December 17, 2012

From the desk of the Managing Editors of The Logan Square Literary Review:

Hello friends, compatriots, and colleagues. Thank you all for being patient on our production hiatus. The staff at the Logan Square Literary Review would like to announce today that the organization is disbanding permanently. Through advances in careers and other life opportunities, our staff can no longer sustain the 105% we've been putting into this project. Queries have been made about passing 
off the project to another team, but in the end, a decision was made, that any of those who are wanting to get involved in the Chicago independent publishing scene are in a MUCH better position to do so than when we began publishing. We're no longer the sole venue for the unknown author in Logan Square, much less the north side. If you're looking to be published, or become part of a publishing team, we can't encourage you enough to get in touch with Graze magazine,Curbside Splendor PublishingSelf-Publishers of Chicago (SPOC),TwoCookie MinimumTwo With Water; and I'm sure there are others we're accidentally omitting. Any and all of these organizations exist with the aim to involve the community in their work, and are open venues for unknown writers. Thank you to all our contributors, freelancers, artists, performers, and all who came to our events. Thank you all for a wonderful three years, we can't wait to see what happens next for the Chicago independent publishing community, and particularly the one that exists and is thriving in Logan Square.

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