Sunday, August 23, 2009


This is the weblog of the Logan Square Literary Review. This page is sill a work-in-progress, and will no doubt evolve in the coming months, but for now she will serve to inform and inspire all things relating to the LSLR.

The Logan Square Literary Review is an open form for the denizens of Logan Square, Chicago, and will be published quarterly, beginning in fall, 2009.
Published works are derived from submissions taken from the general public.

Submission guidelines for the Logan Square Literary Review:

Despite its name, there is no medium of written word that the LSLR will refuse to consider.

Submissions may be short stories, creative non-fiction, essays, poems, recipes, opinion articles (better make your arguement good!), art criticism, scientific reports, travel guides, sheet music, instructional pieces (how-to), translations of foreign works, short plays/film screenplays, book reviews, interviews, riddles...

Basically, if your work has the ability to be read, and can be easily emailed for publication, then we'll accept it. Do your worst! We'll read it!

Please keep a limit of 5000 words on all submissions. If you're unsure if your piece is publishable, just send it anyways.

All submissions are prone to editing for grammar and punctuation.

Anyone submitting a piece that is based on research (scientific reports, opinion articles, non-fiction), MUST provide a source list. The work will be disregarded for publication if a source list does not ACCOMPANY THE SUBMISSION. If you have any question about what a source list should contain, please ask through the email address below.

Send submissions as the body of an email to

The LSLR is every bit as much about fostering a sense of community as it is encouraging literacy and broadening of cultural horizons, so when sending your submission, include the cross-streets closest to your residence. This way our readers will have a nice glimpse of where the clever minds are about in the neighborhood. This information will be attributed to your byline and will be used nowhere else.


A Work of Fiction
By Daniel Majid, of Kedzie Ave. and Armitage Ave.

The inaugural issue is due to be published in fall of 2009, so the submissions deadline for the fall issue is September 20.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates about the publication, and perhaps work that we're fond of that we didn't have room for in the actual printing.

Now, off! Write with vigor!

– Daniel Majid, Editor