Sunday, September 20, 2009


And so the fall deadline has passed!

Thanks to all who have submitted, we have received some wonderful material that is going to help make this inaugural issue quite stellar indeed.

I'll take this opportunity to set the deadline for the next issue, which will be published this winter.

The deadline for the winter issue is DECEMBER 1st.

There was a decent variety in the submissions this first time around, but let's try and mix it up a little more, shall we? Again, we'll take anything in the written form, but I'm especially looking for things that aren't short fiction or poetry...there's certainly enough of that to go around!

For example, I'd be excited to find in my inbox:
recipes, opinion articles (better make your arguement good!), art criticism, scientific reports, travel guides, sheet music, instructional pieces (how-to), translations of foreign works, short plays/film screenplays, book reviews, interviews, riddles and so on and so forth.

As far as any news goes, I'm in the process of securing a printer for the publication, which I've tentatively set a release date for November 1st. I've secured an artist to do the cover art, and once the release date grows nearer, I'll post information about the release party, which will be held in Logan Square at one of the many fine watering holes nearby.

Those whom have been selected for publication will be notified shortly, as I'm still sifting through all the submissions, and if you are not contacted for this issue, don't despair! Please continue to submit work! Thank you Logan Square, I'm off to immerse myself in Sunday football, and now...

Off! Write with Vigor!