Friday, October 30, 2009

So, close, and yet...

Greetings fellow word enthusiasts!

We are in the final stages of pre-production here, all the artwork has been collected, a printer and binder has been secured, and we've even began talks with our friends at the Busy Beaver Button company to produce a slew of promotional buttons for the journal.

Needless to say, things are shaping up nicely, but we'll need more time. I know that everyone is anxiously awaiting the first issue, but, to rush is to falter. So we have had to reset our release date, and I am giving a solemn promise that the first issue will be out no later than the second saturday in November, the 14th. Please stay true. And patient.

Please continue to submit work, and information about where the journal will be available and where the release party will be will be posted shortly.

Now, Off!
Write With Vigor!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Open Call for artwork

Greetings, friends!

The first issue design is being polished and the final business of putting this publication out for the community to enjoy is being addressed as quickly as humanly possible. However, I have encountered one obstacle.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am still in need of artwork for the publication. After a few failures to obtain work from specific people, the idea was hatched that since there has been such a great response from the community over the text submissions, why not open the call for artwork to the same people?

So here we are:

Please submit artwork for publication in the journal!

This artwork will serve as the cover art, interior artwork, and the logo for the journal on any business card, website (this one!!!) or mail involving the publication.

I'm looking for a simple line drawing of a fox. Please keep it simple. Shading will not be refused, but with all respect to the artist's vision: the simpler, the better. This will also ensure that the image is easy to manipulate once on the page layout.

Please do feel free to experiment and let your imagination run wild with this project, but there are three main ideas I'd like to see before anything else:

First, a fox curled up asleep.
Second, a fox landing on his front paws with its tail up in the air, i.e. how a cat would land if jumping down off a table.
Third, we'd like to see the fox asleep under a tree. For this I'd like 4 separate drawings of the fox under the tree. Each of the four would represent a different season, and that season would be reflected in the state of the tree. Full of leaves for summer, falling leaves for fall, bare for winter, and flowers for spring.

If any other ideas are spawned, please do include them! Please send the drawings via email, or if you're in the area, we can meet up to talk about your work.

Once a set of drawings have been decided on, I will have you redraw them in ink, which will then be scanned and placed on the page!

This IS a poor-man's project, so the only compensation I can offer is the pride of knowing that you've contributed to the LSLR, and to make it that much better for your neighborhood to enjoy.

The deadline for sending the first issue to the printer is quickly approaching, and at this point, the artwork is the only thing holding me back from sending the file to the printer, so as soon as I have art, you'll have the journal!

In other news...

The LSLR is going to feature a section entitled the "To-do List," which will offer suggestions of fun things to do, see, eat, drink, or experience for the next season. I'd also like to open this section up to the public, and see what you people think would be fun to do this winter! Send me suggestions of things to add to the list and I will! It's that simple!!

Thank you again Logan Square, take care of yourself, and the people around you.

Now, Off!
Write With Vigor!