Wednesday, April 27, 2011


(Here we proudly present the work of the esteemed

Mr. Bobby Evers

....who contributed the following response to Writing Assignment #59)

- embedding - v. Pounding a thing into the bed of another thing, as in

a rock or an internet post.

Used in a sentence: Charlie was embedding the html code for a music

video clip into the bed of rock located outside the plantation's
easternmost wall.

- embellish - v. to tell an teeny tiny lie, a lie so small it may as

well not even exist.

Used in a sentence: Charlie began to embellish Miranda's lesser points

for his own personal gains.

- embellishment - n. one tiny lie

Used in a sentence: Charlie's single worst embellishment was to tell

Miranda, "You don't even look fat in that pair of shoes, Miranda.

- ember - n. a tiny bit of burning matter that rises up from a larger

collection of burning bits of matter

Used in a sentence: a tiny ember rose up from the burning fire and

landed delicately on Miranda's shoulder, the pad of the shoulder
getting a little ashy about it.

- Ember day n. Christian holiday founded in 1666 to honor the burning

of the witches found practicing Black Magick underneath the windmill
as a sacrifice to Our Lord Jesus Christ

Used in a sentence: Amy and Becky were home from school, as the school

was closed in observance of Ember Day.

- emberizine - v. to polish a human organism until it shines and

glistens like chrome

Used in a sentence: Merrill sprayed the spray on the rag and wiped his

father's bald head to emberizine it like new.

- embezzle - v. to use subterfuge in order to siphen bits of money

from a pool of money that does not belong to you.

Used in a sentence: I was impeached as CEO of my Kid Detective Agency

I ran out of my own treehouse when I began to embezzle nickels from
the nickel jar.

- embiid n. the jewel you'll find in the forehead of a magic pony / centaur

Used in a sentence: Starla gallopped through the prairie, her embiid

glistening as if it had just been emberizined.

- embiotocid - n - the next largest thing after a zygote.

Used in a sentence: Kids, your mother and I have been separated ever

since you were nothing more than a couple a embiotocids floating
around a whiskey glass.

- embitter - v - to grow a callous layer of skin after being scorned somehow

Used in a sentence: Too many heartbreaks began to embitter him, thus

he quit preschool.

- Embla - n - the first ever emblem found on the first ever Newberry

Award Winning paperback

Used in a sentence: Shades of Grey is known for having the Embla, the

first ever emblem found on the first ever Newberry Award Winning
paperback, from which all emblems would then follow.

- emblaze - n. to burn a raging path through or upon

Used in a sentence: When Weezer released their 2010 album "Hurley"

countless followers decided to emblaze the face of Jorge Garcia on
their shoulders, backs, clavicles, and calves.

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